Batch Rendering


The batch render window lists all of the available scenes in one place. For every scene, it is possible to save custom camera, display, environment, rendering settings that are loaded each time you switch between scenes or when you start the batch rendering process.

To start rendering the selected scenes in batch, click on the Start button. A new window will be displayed allowing you to specify the location of the rendered images. During rendering, information on the batch process appears at the bottom of the window. You can click the stop button at any time to stop rendering.

A more detailed description on how to use batch rendering can be found in this video.

  • Refresh: Clears previous selections so you can start over

Batch rendering settings

Batch rendering: Context menu

  • (1) Camera: Stores every setting from the camera settings tab (resolution, depth of field, lens, etc)
  • (2) Environment: Stores every setting from the environment tab (physical sky, ibl, ground settings, global medium, etc)
  • (3) Display: Stores every setting from the display tab (exposure, lut, filtering, denoiser, etc)
  • (4) Rendering: Stores every setting from the rendering tab (engine settings, ambient occlusion, devices, etc).
    • Current render engine
    • Termination criteria and
    • Render channels

Icons explanation

One can transfer all stored settings from one scene to another using the batch render tab. First, double click on the scene that you want to copy the settings from. Then hover the mouse over the scene that you want to paste the settings to and click on the save icon.


Using the dots found next to each scene, it is possible to save custom settings per scene.

  • Click on a grey dot under any column (camera, environment, etc) to save current settings. The dot will turn blue to indicate that the scene has custom Thea Render settings stored
  • Click on a blue dot to get a context menu with the following options:
    • Overwrite with current: Overwrites the stored values with the current ones
    • Cut / copy / paste: Use these options to transfer stored Thea Render settings to other scenes. You may only paste settings from the same column
    • Clear: Removes the stored settings of the selected column

Batch rendering: Storing settings