SketchUp section cuts are fully supported when placed directly in a model.

A couple of things worth mentioning are:

  • If a section cut is nested inside a group then the whole model will be cut, not just the geometry inside the group
  • The removed geometry will still cast shadows to the scene.

Section cut

Thea preserves the original lighting conditions, which is especially useful when you want to take shots of narrow interiors with exactly the same lighting as designed. Without a section cut, the camera would be obscured by an existing wall.


Right click on a component to access the Thea context menu. This allows you to perform a function on an object or modify object-specific properties.

Create external model / proxy
This option lets you export a component into an external Thea model and create a viewport proxy for it. This may help you keep the SketchUp file size small, while having high polygon models visible only while rendering.

You may find a detailed walkthrough on how to create Thea models here.


Please start SketchUp at least once before running the Thea installer; otherwise the SketchUp version will not be recognized.

The default display properties are set for exterior daylight conditions. If you are rendering interior views, you need to adjust the ISO, Shutter speed, and f-number values, as you would in a real camera. An ISO of 800, shutter speed of 60, and f-number of 2.4 should be a good starting point.