Presto editor


You can create multiple layers of different types and weights.

  • Create a layer: Click the plus (+) icon, and then click a type of layer (choose from basic layer, metal layer, glass layer, thin glass layer, or SSS layer)
  • Change the type of layer: Click the sphere icon, and then click a type of layer (choose from basic, metal, glass, thin glass, or SSS)
  • Define the weight of the layer: To change the %, drag the colored horizontal bar. Or to select a bitmap, click the checkerboard icon
  • Delete a layer: Click the layer, and then click the trash can icon
  • Move a layer: Click the layer, and then click the up or down arrow


The material preview can be maximized by double-clicking on it. More options can be found when right-clicking on the preview:

  • Load material: Loads a .mat.thea / .mat.pack Thea material
  • Save material: Saves the current material to .mat.thea / .mat.pack files
  • Save preview: Save the material preview as an image
  • Room selection: Select between different kind of room previews (e.g. cloth, direct, floor, etc)


.mat.thea: This material file format contains the definition of the Thea material but not the textures used
.mat.pack: Same as the .mat.thea format but packs all the textures in it

Use drag and drop between channels with the left mouse button to copy a bitmap, color or procedural.

Legacy material editor


Below the layers section, you can find the parameters of the currently selected layer.
Display advanced parameters: To display advanced parameters (translucency, micro roughness, etc.), click the hamburger menu icon.

Multiple selection:
Holding down the control key in the keyboard allows you to select multiple options

Displaying all the material layer properties at once:
It is possible to display all the material layer properties at once. Go to Extensions > Thea Render > Preferences and switch to the advanced tab. Check the 'Show all material layer properties' option.