• Presto editor: The classic layered material editor
  • Nitro editor: The new PBR compliant editor
  • Preset: Simple editor with several presets



The material preview displays a rendered view of the current material. You can increase the preview image by double-clicking on it.
Right click on the preview area to access the context menu:

  • Load/Save material: Load or save the current material to .mat.thea or .mat.pack
  • Save Preview / Substance preview: Save the material preview as an image
    The "Save Substance preview" option is available when the "Substance 3D" preset is selected
  • Room selection: You can change the preview room by right clicking and selecting 'Room selection'
  • Passes/Time limit: Stops rendering the preview once the samples or time limit has been reached


Preview room: Cloth Preview room: Direct Preview room: Floor Preview room: Front Preview room: IES Preview room: Translucent Preview room: Unbiased Preview room: Wall