Default Resembles SketchUp material as closely as possible. SketchUp transparency is converted into uniform alpha transparency 01-Default Presets_Default
Thin Translucent Produces a single-sided translucent material, perfect for curtains and other non-volumetric objects. You can control the Transparency (%) 02-Thin-Translucent Presets_Thin_Translucent
Lacquer Represents a lacquered surface, like the finish on hardwood floors. Includes Reflections and Roughness parameters. When Roughness is set to 0, the material looks polished; at higher values, it looks like satin 03-Lacquer Presets_Lacquer
Ceramic This type describes a ceramic material with a glossy finish. 04-Ceramic Presets_Ceramic
Car Paint The material using this preset will resemble a car paint. When the ‘Metallic’ option is enabled, the paint will behave as if it contained uniformly spread metallic flakes 04-Ceramic Presets_Ceramic
Colored Metal This type is designed to give a metal appearance with pronounced reflections when the Roughness is less than 10 06-Colored-Metal Presets_Colored_Metal
Mirror Behaves like the surface of a mirror. Overrides the SketchUp material color. 07-MIrror Presets_Mirror
Thin Glass An architectural glass. You can adjust the Metallic reflections, which may appear when coatings are added. This material is especially well‐suited to nonsolid, thin faced objects 08-Thin-Glass Presets_Thin_Glass
Glass Produces a volumetric glass that takes into account refractions inside the object. You can control the surface's Roughness and the intensity of the Reflections 09-Glass Presets_Glass
Cloud Cloud material preset for volumetric effects defined by a solid group component. 10-Cloud Presets_Cloud
Emitter Turns a painted face into an emitter of light, whose power can be specified in different units. You can use Temperature to adjust the color/texture. You have the option to make the emitter invisible in the rendering or to make it “passive" (it will glow, but won't cast direct light) 11-Emitter Presets_Emitter
Bitmap Based A PBR compliant preset that expects textures based on the Metallic/Roughness workflow. You can either manually assign the textures to the appropriate channels or use the folder icon to load all textures at once automatically, based on a single selected texture bitmap-based-preset bitmap-based-thumb