License activation


License management in Altair One
Your licenses are managed in Altair One. The first time you buy a license, a new account is created for you in Altair One which of course needs to be activated first. To activate your account, please follow the instructions of the welcome email that you received shortly after the purchase was complete.

If you haven't received the welcome email, make sure that you check your spam / junk folder too. In any case, you may also use the following link to manually unlock / activate your account:

With your Altair One setup properly, open the license setup window from the main menu: Extensions > Thea Render > License Setup.

Lease license
If you have a lease license, switch to the "Lease License" tab and use the Altair One credentials (email & password) to get a license from the server.

Student licenses
If you have an education license, then switch to the Educational tab.

  • License key: Paste the key that you generated from your student Altair One account
  • License file: Deprecated. Browse the license file (.dat) that you received from the Altair University

If you don't activate your license, you will remain in demo mode with certain limitations. Maximum resolution set to 1920x1080 and watermarks displayed in the rendered images.


Q: I haven't received the welcome email yet. What can I do?
A: Please check your email's junk / spam folder. If you cannot find the email, please send a support request at

Q: Why am I getting watermarks on the rendered images?
A: This can happen when your machine has no access to the internet. Please make sure that your machine has an active connection. Another reason for this is that your license is already in use on another machine. Please make sure that SketchUp is closed before running Thea on another machine.

Q: How do I know when does my license expire?
A: You will receive a notification in the Console tab of the Thea Rendering window 14 days before the license expiration.

Q: How can I renew my license?
A: Your license can be renewed by placing a new order in the Thea Render eshop. Please make sure that you are using the same email address that you have in Altair One while placing the order. In this way, the license will be added to your Altair One account.