Control Panel

In Production Mode


(1) Drag Area: Right click and hold to move the Control Panel
(2) Start/Pause/Resume Button: Click to start the rendering process. Click the pause button (available when rendering is in progress) to pause the rendering. CTLR+ LEFT CLICK: Resume Rendering.
(3) Toggle Live Model Update: When enabled, Thea will transfer only the scene changes to the engine instead of the whole scene.
(4) Render Selection: When enabled, only the selected objects will be rendered.
(5) Stop Button: Stop rendering and refresh the main window to display the final image.
(6) Interactive/Production Rendering Switch: Switch between Interactive and Production modes.
(7) Render Engine Selection: The available render engines depend on the selected rendering mode (interactive or production).
(8) Termination Criteria: Set the time or sample limits. Once the limit has been reached, the rendering will be terminated.
(9) Close/Attach: Click on the X button to close the Control Panel. Click on the < button to attach it to the Thea Tool panel

In Interactive Mode


(10) Display Mode: Available when in Interactive Mode. You can choose from several display modes for rendering in Darkroom or in SketchUp View.

While in Interactive Mode and rendering in the Thea Rendering window, clicking again the Interactive/Production Rendering Switch, will lock the camera to the view. More info.