• There is no installed version of SketchUp in the plugin installer on Mac.
    Please start SketchUp at least once before running the Thea installer; otherwise the SketchUp version will not be recognized.
  • My NVIDIA GPU graphics card is not recognized.
    Please make sure your GPU is part of the following list: and that you have the most recent graphics card drivers installed, including CUDA.
  • My rendering is very dark.
    The default display properties are set for exterior daylight conditions. If you are rendering interior views, you need to adjust the ISO, Shutter speed, and f-number values, as you would a manual camera. An ISO of 800, shutter speed of 60, and f-number of 2.4 should be a good starting point.

For a complete guide to accurate light intensity and camera exposure, please see:

Tip: Exposure can also be adjusted automatically by using the "Adjust Exposure" button in conjunction with the presets (Interior, Interior - Sunlight, Exterior)