Network Tab

Network Rendering is only available for production mode. To enable network rendering, go to the Settings Panel and switch to the Rendering Tab. Turn on Network Rendering by clicking on the checkbox.

When setting up network rendering, make sure all computers are properly connected to the network and able to share files, access network drives, etc. It is important that port 7200 is open in the Windows firewall or any other firewall installed on a machine in the network. By default, this port is used for communication between the SketchUp server and nodes.

You may find more information on how to set up render nodes in Appendix B.

When rendering starts, the Network tab displays the nodes that have been found, and after a while (depending on the model's complexity) they will have been committed to rendering on the server. The Network Tab displays all machines that are connected to the SketchUp server, along with their status, contribution, and technical details.

If the server isn't powerful enough, select "Manage Nodes Only" before clicking the Start button. This way the server doesn't execute the rendering itself, but just exchanges data with nodes.