Release Notes


  • Fix for issues with adding/editing new lights in IR
  • Fix for editing materials in IR in Thea window
  • Fix for infinite plane missing in CPU engine rendering
  • Fix for shadow catcher being dark on areas not lighten by spot lights (Presto)
  • Fixed dropped image export
  • Added IR/Live updates for images
  • IR/Live Update: Objects are no longer deleted in "instances" of a group
  • GPU crash fix for Presto in the presence of scenes with a lot of clipping or glasses and very high tracing depth
  • Fix for OptiX IR denoising with super-sampling > None
  • Presto Clamp Level is not used anymore when Adaptive Tracing is on (helps with Caustics)
  • Random Texture is monochrome by default
  • Material Editor: Advanced Mode fixes for Metal and SSS layer
  • Mac: SU2017 faces smoothing export fixed
  • Mac: Fix for a freeze after closing a Relight or Random Texture color picker
  • Mac: Thea Browser: Fix for a crash in BigSur
  • Mac: Thea Browser: Fix for status bar not displaying text
  • Mac: Thea Browser: Fix for 'Open in Finder'
  • Mac: Fixed for Skatter instances of SU model components not rendering at all



  • Support for Intel® Open Image Denoiser – denoise with your CPU
  • Interactive Denoising with both Intel and NVIDIA AI denoisers
  • Nvidia Ampere cards support
  • Adaptive Tracing
  • Relight Editor
  • Random Color Texture
  • Support for Skatter™ v2 including random materials
  • Out-of-core Rendering


  • Local Proxy Material Editing
  • Improved Refresh for Production Renders
  • OptiX denoiser takes much less memory now, which allows to apply to resolutions that were not possible in the same conditions before
  • OptiX output quality has been considerably improved for CPU engines
  • Optimized and GPU-Accelerated Glare
  • Faster Interactive Scene Updates for large models
  • Live Update
  • Multi-threaded Export
  • HDR Region Render
  • Enhanced Channels
  • Improved Interactiveness
  • Batch Render is a new tab now and has been redesigned to allow easier settings modifications
  • IR: Devices properties are displayed only when Devices accordion is expanded in Render Settings Tab
  • IR: Samples limit is also applied
  • UI has been improved and many less important features are conveniently enclosed in accordions. Scrollbar and associated issues have been fixed