Release Notes


  • SketchUp 2021 support including Tag folders
  • Mac Installer includes all missing Material Editor preview rooms now
  • Improved Texture dependencies search function in external .mod.thea files. Previous versions could miss some files.
  • When creating .mod.thea with textures in Thea Data folder, they will be referenced in relation to this folder on any machine. This is especially important for content creators who want to keep all their textures not necessarily in the same folder as the .mod.thea
  • Tools Tab is not longer taking focus when there are material changes in SketchUp, neither Thea Tool activated
  • Consistent rendering of Presto (vs CPU engines) in the case of missing bitmaps, for example in the case of weighted+combined textures with missing bitmaps and layer weight textures with missing bitmaps
  • Fix for correct fps computation for Presto IR, when 2+ devices are enabled
  • Fix for thin film material respecting now sampling flags in Presto
  • Improved license handling on plugin load
  • Ensured that an image with alpha is being saved from TH4SU::render(path) { callback } Ruby command, when the output has png/tif/tiff extension
  • Installer has been translated to French including new Altair One User License text
  • About screen gives a link to "Third Party notices" folder


  • Fixed a delayed crash triggered by Procedural texture color picker.
  • Fixed Presto rendering when projection transformation count exceeds 255.



  • SketchUp 2020 support.
  • Fixed section plane position if it is parallel to one of axes.
  • Fixed visibility of an inherited invisible Emitter.
  • Batch Render: The raw image will be saved instead of the denoised one in case OptiX fails to deliver the output image.
  • Added message next to the resolution text when OptiX fails. The raw image will be displayed instead.
  • macOS 10.14 and above: Fixed the User Interface refresh issue.
  • LUT or CRF files can be used with Filmic now.
  • External Model (FBX, mod.thea) materials can be edited back again.
  • Thea Browser: When importing Thea material it is done as a single operation with single “undo” step.
  • EXR output settings are kept between sessions now.
  • Texture properties follow material editor even when it is docked in the main window.
  • Glare is temporarily disabled while rendering for performance reasons and applied when stopped.
  • Option to turn off warm-up phase in Preferences/Advanced.
  • Environment - Sun's soft shadow can be fully controlled now even when Manual Sun is disabled.


  • Fixed visual artifacts for scenes with more than two lights in Presto (dark squares issue).
  • Fixed banding artifacts in the shadow channel.
  • Fixed area light intensity for emitter in Presto when emitter is mixed with the rest of geometry in an object.
  • Fixed displacement issue when mixed with other geometry in the same object.
  • Network Rendering: Fixed wrong texture positioning in network rendering.
  • Fixed noisy pixel artifacts in TR1 in the presence of sky/ibl lighting and shadow catcher.
  • Network Rendering: Fixed black commits from nodes when the Shadow and SSS channels are enabled.
  • Fixed Gamma correction for the Edge Ramp procedural.
  • Fixed crash with Presto MC when using instanced area emitters.
  • Fixed artifacts for Presto MC when rendering materials with a Coating layer.
  • Potential crash fix for AMD GPUs (Presto OpenCL).
  • Fixed un-normalized normals after mesh welding.
  • Fixed Presto rendering with materials of coating plus single substrate of 0% layer weight.
  • Fixed vignetting weight in accelerated displays.
  • Fixed blackbody texture artifacts when temperature is set at extreme values.
  • Fixed medium sampling in Presto that could result in render artifacts.
  • Applying now roughness linearization before micro roughness.
  • FBX: Fixed imported textures with 3ds Max specific tags.
  • FBX: Fixed the UV transformation of fbx files.