Model Tab

The Model Tab provides quick access to specific options for groups and components.
Visible to Camera: Controls whether the object will be visible by the camera.
Visible in Reflections/Refraction: When this option is disabled, it will make an object invisible in reflections/refractions while still being visible to the camera.
Shadows: Turns shadows on or off for the selected object.
Container: Use the provided list to assign a specific material as a container for the model.
Mask Index: assigns a mask index from 0–15 to the selected object. If you enable "Mask" channel in the Channels tab in the Rendering window and start rendering, you will see that a white mask on a black background was created for this object.

Beveling & Edge Ramp

Beveling: Enables or disables the beveling effect on the object.
Radius/Width (cm): Defines the radius of the beveled edges in centimeters. When the material of the object is using the Edge Ramp procedural, the same value will be used for the width of the edges.
Min. Angle (deg): This value allows the user to limit the effect of beveled edges to corners having an angle greater than the one defined here.
Default values for model properties

Example: Visible, Scatter Visible and Shadows parameters

In this example we are changing the Visible, Scatter Visible and Shadows parameters of the orange sphere.
Visible to Camera disabled: Sphere is invisible to the camera while still casting shadows and appearing in reflections.
Visible to Reflections/Refractions disabled: Sphere is not visible in reflections.
Shadows: Sphere is not casting any shadows in the scene.