Installation / Activation

MS Windows

Download and execute the Thea for SketchUp installer from here.

Nvidia Optix Denoiser: This option requires an NVIDIA graphics card.

When installing Thea for SketchUp, set the path of the Thea Data and Thea Temporary folders to a locatioon where every user has full read/write access. If the path doesn't have proper permissions, the plug‐in won't work properly.


Download and execute the Thea for SketchUp installer from here. Make sure that SketchUp was started at least once before running the installer; otherwise it won't appear in the list. The installer will guide you through the necessary steps. It automatically recognizes previously installed SketchUp versions and offers the corresponding plug‐in installation.

Thea Data is written to: Home/Library/Application Support/Thea Render


After installing the plug‐in, open the license wizard from the main menu: Extensions > Thea Render > License Form.

Click "Register now" and complete the form to receive your license file by email.

To activate Thea, click "I have my license file. Activate now" and browse to your license file. Your license details are displayed at the top of the license form.

Note: If you don't activate your license, you will remain in Demo mode with certain limitations.

Demo Version Limitations: Please note that when the plug‐in is not licensed, the rendered image resolution will be limited (1280x720) and watermarks will be added. All other features and functionalities are fully supported.