Control Panel

In Production Mode

(1) Start/Pause Button: Click to start the rendering process. Click the pause button (available when rendering is in progress) to pause the rendering. CTLR+ LEFT CLICK: Resume Rendering.
(2) Render Selection: Enable to render only the current selection.
(3) Stop Button: Stop rendering and refresh the main window to display the final image.
(4) Render Mode: Switch between Interactive and Production modes.
(5) Render Engine Selection: Select a render engine based on the rendering mode.
(6) Termination Criteria: Set the time or sample limit. Once the limit has been reached, the rendering will be terminated.
(8) Toggle Switches: Toggles geometry, material, light, and proxy updates.
(9) Open/Save: Save the current rendering as an image and open saved images.

In Interactive Mode

(1) Display Mode: Available when in Interactive Mode. You can choose from several display modes for rendering in Darkroom or in SketchUp View.