The Thea toolbar gives you quick access to the Thea Render settings and panels. From left to right.

  1. Thea Tool: Contains all the Thea Render settings (camera, display, environment, render, etc)
  2. Start Interactive Rendering: Initiates interactive rendering in the current active Rhino viewport
  3. Stop Interactive Rendering: Stops viewport rendering and reverts the viewport to the last active Rhino view
  4. Save Image: Saves interactive render image. Interactive rendering needs to be in progress for this to work
  5. Darkroom: Opens the Thea Darkroom window.
  6. Content Browser: Opens the Content Browser window.
  7. Preferences: Opens the preferences panel
  8. Thea Scatter: Opens the Thea Scatter panel

If the Thea toolbar is not visible, you can bring it up by going to the main menu: Thea Render > Show Thea toolbar

The Thea Render toolbar