Tool Panel

The Thea Tools panel contains several tabs with access to camera / objects / light / render settings and more. To open the panel, click on Thea Render icon in the Thea toolbar.

Icon Name Description
tab-camera Camera Image resolution, depth of field, lens properties, and more
tab-objects Object Object / proxy settings, beveling, proxy creation and editing
tab-lights Light Modify Rhino light properties
tab-environment Environment Physical sky, image based lighting, ground plane and fog
tab-display Display Tone mapping, LUT, filters, and denoising
tab-channels Render Channels Render channels list
tab-queue Render Queue Render queue settings
tab-animation Animation Settings for Rhino's animation options
tab-render Render Settings Render engine settings, devices, clay render, network rendering and more
tab-relight Relight Relight editor (only in Presto)

The Thea Tool panel