A detailed description of all the menu options:

  • Thea Tool: The Thea Tool window is a unified panel containing all the Thea Render settings (display, camera, object, render, environment, etc)
  • Thea Darkroom: Opens the Thea Darkroom window. Darkroom is where both interactive and production rendering takes place
  • Thea Scatter: Opens the Thea Scatter window
  • Show Thea Toolbar: The Thea toolbar provides options for viewport interactive rendering but also shortcuts to other Thea Render windows (e.g. Darkroom)
  • Tools: The Tools submenu contain shortcuts to helpful Thea Render commands
    • Archive Scene: Creates an archive in zip format containing the .3dm file along with all the textures
    • Update Dependencies: Sets the path where Thea will search for missing textures and update materials accordingly
    • Install Library: Opens Thea library files (.lib.thea) and installs them in the Thea Data folder
    • Import Render Settings: Imports render settings in xml format
    • Export Render Settings: Exports current render settings to xml file format
    • Export Thea Model: Exports the selected scene object as a Thea Proxy model
  • Preferences: Opens the preferences window
  • License Setup: Opens the license setup window that allows the activation of Thea for Rhino
  • About: Display the Thea for Rhino version in the command line.

The Thea Render menu