Darkroom Window

Darkroom is the main window used for interactive and production rendering and provides functionality which will be discussed in the following sections.

  1. Top toolbar: The top toolbar allows the user to perform several tasks like starting / stopping a render, define render settings, set focal point and select materials from the scene among other things
  2. Image information: Displays the rendered image size and zoom level
  3. Render information: Displays the render time and the samples reached
  4. Bottom toolbar: The bottom toolbar has three icons for the console window, network rendering and the history panel

Thea Darkroom window


darkroom-top-toolbar-start Start rendering Starts rendering the current viewport in the Thea Darkroom window
darkroom-top-toolbar-stop Stop rendering Stops rendering in the Thea Darkroom window
darkroom-top-toolbar-mode Toggle mode Toggles between interactive and production modes
Engines dropdown Engine list Displays the available render engines (Thea Render Presto and Nitro)
darkroom-top-toolbar-sample-limit Time limit Set the time limit that will force Thea Render to terminate rendering. A value of zero removes the limit
darkroom-top-toolbar-time-limit Samples limit Set the samples per pixel limit that will force Thea Render to terminate rendering. A value of zero removes the limit
Channel dropdown Active Channel Lists the active render channels
darkroom-top-toolbar-lock Lock to viewport Select this option to lock interactive rendering in Thea Darkroom to the active viewport. Once interactive rendering starts with this option enabled (locked), changing Rhino viewports will not affect the active session
darkroom-top-toolbar-region Render region Define a region that will be rendered instead of the whole frame
darkroom-top-toolbar-focus Pick focal point Use this tool to select the focal point of the camera when depth of field is enabled. Shortcut: ALT+LMB
darkroom-top-toolbar-pick-material Pick material Use the "Pick material" tool to select a material. Only works when interactive rendering in Darkroom. Shortcut: CTRL+LMB
darkroom-top-toolbar-histogram Histogram Displays the histogram of the rendered image
darkroom-top-toolbar-open Open image Open an image in the Darkroom window for further editing or resume a previous rendering
darkroom-top-toolbar-save Save image Save the rendered image



darkroom-bottom-toolbar-console Console Overlays the console log panel
darkroom-bottom-toolbar-network Network rendering Overlays the network rendering panel
darkroom-bottom-toolbar-history History panel Overlays the history panel



  • Zooming: Scroll the middle mouse button (MMB) to zoom in and out.
  • Panning: Hold the left mouse button (LMB) to pan.
  • Zoom to 100%: Double click with the left mouse button (LMB) to bring zooming back to 100%.
  • Fit to Window: When the image is larger than the viewing area you toggle between 100% and Fit to Window by double clicking with the left mouse button (LMB)