The Relight editor is only available for the Presto engine

Relight allows you to create infinite images from a single render. When Relight is enabled, every light in the scene can then be modified (intensity, color and status) and create different lighting setups in post production. Every Relight setup can be saved in the Relight editor panel as a snap and then loaded back to Darkroom for further editing or exported as an image file. To learn more about Relight, have a look at this video.



  • Open the Thea Tool panel
  • Switch to the Render Settings tab
  • Tick the checkbox in Generic > Relight


The Relight editor tab can be found in the Settings tab of the Thea Tool panel. After the rendering has finished, you can find all the lights of the scene in the editor.

  1. Snapshot: Click this button to create a snapshot of the current Relight settings. A new thumbnail will be created at the bottom of the editor
  2. Reset: Resets all the controls and values back to the default ones
  3. Enable / disable all: Click this button to enable or disable all the lights in the scene at once
  4. Enable / disable light: Turns on/off the selected light
  5. Solo: Isolates the current light
  6. Intensity: The intensity of the light
  7. Color: The color of the light



Relight group is a group of lights that appears as one controller in the editor. The lights are grouped based on the following:

  • Every unique light has a unique controller
  • Mesh lights are grouped by their emitting material
  • A group of lights will appear as one controller in the editor

Learn more about how Thea Render groups light based on the scene setup in this video.