Network Rendering

Network rendering is currently available for the Presto engine only

Network rendering improves dramatically render times by having more computers contributing to rendering static images and animations. Other machines that are on the same network, can be used as render nodes by installing the Thea Node utility. You may find more information on how to set up render nodes in the Thea Node documentation.


To enable network rendering:

  • Go to the render settings tab
  • Click the toggle button to enable network rendering
  • Set the type (Server, Pure server) based on your needs


  • Server: The current machine will be used along with the rest of the active Thea Render nodes on the same network
  • Pure Server: Only the active Thea Render nodes will render the scene. The machine where Thea for Rhino is running will be excluded from network rendering allowing the user to use all the available resources

Network rendering properties

When setting up network rendering, make sure all computers are properly connected to the network and able to share files, access network drives, etc. It is important that port 7200 is open in the Windows firewall or any other firewall installed on a machine in the network. By default, this port is used for communication between the Rhino server and nodes.


The network rendering tab in Darkroom can be opened from the icon at the bottom-left corner. The tab provides detailed information on the current networking status and the connected render nodes. The network rendering log will display information that should be helpful to solve connection or other issues.