Batch Render

The batch render tab lists all the available named views. You can select which named views will be added to the queue and edit parameters for each one. For every named view it is possible to set custom camera, environment, display and render settings.



  • (1) Start / Stop: Starts or stops rendering the current queue
  • (2) Update: Updates the named view list
  • (3) Named views list: Displays the available named views
    • Use the checkbox to select whether they will be added to the queue or not
    • Click on the pencil icon to go into editing mode and set settings for the selected named view
  • (4) Indicators for Camera, environment, display and render settings
  • (5) Toggles: When a named view has been edited, a blue circle will be displayed based on what was changed (camera, display, environment or render settings). You can temporarily disable the saved settings by clicking on a blue circle and use the current settings of the Thea Tool panel instead.


For each named view one can set custom settings for the following tabs: camera, environment, display and render.

Going into editing mode:
To go into editing mode, click on the pencil icon of the named view that you wish to edit and you will see a notification on the top part of the window.

While in editing mode, the only tabs that will be available are:

  • Camera
  • Environment
  • Display
  • Batch Render and
  • Render Settings

The rest of the tabs will be inaccessible until the editing mode is complete.

The top notification displays the following information:
The icon on the left will exit editing mode without saving any settings while the checkmark on the right will save the current settings to the named view. The title of the named view will appear inside the parenthesis.

After exiting the "Editing Mode", the previous settings will be restored.


Editing a named view



After a named view has been modified and the changes have been saved.