The preferences window can be opened by going to the main menu Thea Render > Preferences.

    • Image save format: Choose the default image format to appear when saving a rendered image from the Thea rendering window
    • Theme: Switch between dark and light theme
    • Image save period (mins): Saves a copy of the image rendered in production mode in a temp folder for backup
      Defines the interval in which the image will be saved. Untick the checkbox in case you want to disable this option
    • Frame split: When this option is enabled, the rendered image will be split among all enabled presto devices during interactive render. This results in higher refresh rates during interactive render
      Works best on systems with identical graphics cards
    • Pixel block: Defines how 'blocky' the pixels will appear during interactive rendering. Higher values give more initial noise but have higher refresh rate
    • Viewport resolution reduction: Reduces the viewport resolution for faster interactive rendering
    • Warmup level: If warm-up is turned on then an initialization phase will take place in order to accelerate render convergence. It will take longer before ray tracing phase actually starts but image noise will clear faster in the presence of multiple lights in the scene (with overall lighting being also more accurate in some cases)
    • Apply denoiser at the end of rendering: When this option is enabled, denoising will only be applied at the end of a rendering
    • Scene caching: With this option enabled, the conversion of the scene will be much faster since only the modified objects in the scene will be converted. In the case where changes in the scene are not visible, use the "TheaPurgeScene" command to clear the cache