Layer manager

With the Layer Manager, you can create multiple layers of different type and weight.
Create a layer: click on the plus (+) icon, and then select the type of layer (Basic, Metal, Glass, Thin Glass or SSS)
Change the type of a layer: Click the icon next to the left of a layer and select a different type.
Define the weight of the layer: To change the layers percentage %, drag the colored horizontal bar. It is also possible to use a bitmap as a weight map. Click on the checkerboard icon to the left of the layer and load a bitmap texture.
Delete a layer: Select the layer and then click on the trash can icon.
Move a layer: Select the layer and then click on the up/down arrows.

Multiple layers in the editor
Managing layers


Below the layer manager you can find the parameters of the currently selected layer.
Show advanced parameters: To display advanced parameters (Translucency, Micro Roughness, etc.), click the hamburger menu icon.

Layer properties: Advanced menu