Emitter tab

Thea Render supports both area and point light emitters. The area emitters are applied to a surface. Typically, the area emitter has a diffusion‐like emission model and it uniformly distributes light along all directions in the above hemisphere. Nevertheless, more complex emission models can be defined by making use of an IES file.

  • Color: User can define the color of the light with the following options: color, temperature, bitmap and procedural
  • Power: Defines the power of the emittance
  • Efficacy: Maximum efficacy is 683lm/w which corresponds to lights with no energy loss, meaning that all their power is converted to visible light
  • Passive emitter: The emitter will not cast light into the scene but one will still be able to see the area emitter "lit"
  • IES emitter: To convert a standard emitter to IES, click on the "hamburger" icon and select IES emitter
  • Multiplier: Defines the intensity multiplier for the IES file currently loaded
    Custom light evaluation: Custom light evaluation allows the user to select which components (such as diffuse, translucent, reflectance, transmittance, and SSS) will be evaluated for a given material and light, thus removing unwanted contributions and accelerating render times

Emitter editor with advanced menu