Presto editor



The header of the Thea Render Presto editor displays the following information:

  • Preview: Displays the material preview. Right click for more options
  • Name: Displays the name of the current material
  • Editor switch: Click on the hamburger icon to switch between classic and modern editor
  • Presets: Click on the icon to switch to the presets editor



  • Layers: View and edit the material layers and its properties
  • Emitter: Displays the emittance properties of the material
  • Clipping: Controls the clipping of the surface
  • Displacement: Controls the displacement of the surface
  • Medium: Controls the volumetric properties of the material
  • Bitmap coordinates modifier: Changes the coordinates of the whole material
  • Shadow catcher: Turns the material to a shadow catcher



  • Add icon: Click on the + icon to create a new layer. The following layers are available: Coating, Basic, Metal, Glass, Thin Glass and SSS
  • Layer type: Click on the material type on the left of each layer to change the layer type
  • Up/Down arrows: Click on the arrows to change the order of layers
  • Delete: Click on the trash icon to delete the layer
  • Layer weight: Drag horizontally the layer bar to adjust the weight percentage of the layer. Click on the rectangular swatch to apply a bitmap as a layer weight

Layer types are described in detail here



The properties of the selected layer will be displayed below the layers scheme. Properties depend on the layer type and are described in detail here