Presets Editor

Material presets provide a quick and straightforward approach to produce the majority of the materials you'll need. The available presets are:

Default Thin translucent Lacquer Ceramic Car paint Metal Mirror Thin glass Glass Emitter Bitmap based Substance 3D

The presets list can be accessed with a click on the hamburger icon.


Depending on the preset type you choose, additional controls will appear in the editor.


The "Bitmap-Based" and "Substance 3D" material presets are unique and will be explained in detail here.

Bitmap Based preset
The Bitmap Based preset has been designed to offer an easy way to work with PBR materials. You can either:

  • Load the PBR textures of a material to the corresponding channels or
  • Click on the folder icon to select one file from the texture set (e.g. bricks_diffuse.jpg) andautomatically apply the rest of the images to the corresponding channels


Substance 3D Preset
The Substance 3D preset allows one to load Substance 3D materials (.sbsar) in the Thea material editor. Simply click on the folder icon and load an .sbsar file. The material editor will display generic settings along with custom parameters of the Substance 3D material.