User Interface

Thea Render menu

After installing the plugin a new entry will be available in the main menu called Thea Render.
Darkroom: Opens Thea Darkroom. This is where all the rendering takes place and is explained here.
Render Settings: Opens the Thea Render Settings panel.
Preferences: Some specific settings can be set through the Preferences window.
Thea Toolbar: Displays the Thea Toolbar
Tools > Archive Scene: Creates an archive in zip format containing the .3dm file along with all the textures.
Tools > Update Dependencies: Sets the path where Thea will search for missing textures and update materials accordingly.
Tools > Install Library: Opens Thea Library files (.lib.thea) and installs them in the Thea Data folder.
Tools > Import Render Settings: Imports render settings in xml format.
Tools > Export Render Settings: Exports current render settings to xml file format.
Tools > Export Thea Model: Exports the selected scene object as a Thea Proxy model.
License Form: Opens the License Wizard window that allows the activation of Thea for Rhino.
About: Display the Thea for Rhino version in the command line.

Preferences Window

Default image save format: Choose the default image format to appear when saving a rendered image from the Thea Darkroom window.
Default Render Mode: Select the render mode of the Render Settings (Interactive / Production)
Image Save Period (mins): Saves a copy of the image rendered in Production Mode in a temp folder for backup. Defines the interval in which the image will be saved. Untick the checkbox in case you want to disable this option.
Interactive Rendering / Frame Split: When this option is enabled, the rendered image will be divided among all enabled presto devices during interactive render. This results in higher refresh rates during interactive render.
Interactive Rendering / Pixel Block: Defines how 'blocky' pixels will appear during interactive rendering. Higher values give more initial noise but have higher refresh rate.

Slower devices may slow down interactive render, so leave this option unchecked if in doubt.

Thea Toolbar

The Thea Toolbar gives you quick access to Thea for Rhino settings and panels.

(1) Start Interactive Rendering: Initiates Interactive Rendering in the current active Rhino Viewport.
(2) Stop Interactive Rendering: Stops viewport rendering and reverts the viewport to the last active Rhino view.
(3) Save Image: Saves interactive render image. Interactive Rendering needs to be in progress for this to work.
(4) Darkroom: Opens the Thea Darkroom window.
(5) Content Browser: Opens the Content Browser.
(6) Display Settings: Opens the display settings panel. Useful when the display needs to be adjusted during viewport rendering. When this panel closes, it is docked to the Darkroom window.
(7) Preferences: Opens the preferences panel
(8) Export Thea Model: Exports selected object as a mod.thea file.