Thea for Rhino can be uninstalled from Windows by going to Windows Settings > Apps (Apps & Features). Search for "Thea Render for Rhino" and select Uninstall.
The uninstaller can also be found in the root of the 'Thea Data' folder. Navigate to the 'Thea Data' folder and execute the "TheaRenderRhino_uninstaller.exe" file.

  • Step 1: Click Next to proceed with the uninstallation
  • Step 2: Select the components that you would like to remove
    • Rhino Plugin: Uninstalls the Thea for Rhino plugin from all Rhino installations
    • Thea Data: Delete the 'Thea Data' folder. The folder contains materials, models, environments, LUTs that you might want to keep. Make sure to keep a backup just in case
  • Step 3: Click on Uninstall to start the uninstallation. If 'Thea Data' was selected in the previous step, a warning will be displayed asking whether you want the folder to be removed or not.
  • Step 4: Click Close to complete the uninstallation.

Known issue:
There is a Rhino limitation where even after the uninstallation, the 'Thea Render' display mode remains in the list. You can remove it manually from Tools > Options > View > Display Modes.
Click on 'Display Modes', find 'Thea Render' to the right, select it and click on Delete.