Render Queue (Batch Rendering)

The Render Queue tab lists all the named views that have been created in the Named Views panel. By right clicking on a named view you can either edit its render settings or delete it from the queue.

Editing Named View Settings

Editing allows the user to define settings per named view like resolution, termination, etc.


This button refreshes the list and syncs it with Rhino's current named views.


When all is set, clicking on the Process button will bring up a save dialog. Select the path where your images will be saved, the image type (png, exr, ...) and finally the name. Thea
for Rhino will add the named view next to the file name you defined. After that, Thea for Rhino will start rendering the render queue one by one in the Darkroom window.

Pressing Stop will terminate the whole render queue and not just the current batch.