Release Notes


  • Updated path read for Thea data. Both My Documents and ProgramData are taken into account.
  • Fixed Rhino Search Path as texture repositories.
  • Fixed a crash when trying resuming a render in Darkroom.
  • Added warning when resuming render and the film's sample per pixel is higher than the given sample limit.
  • Added manual sun color override.
  • Added Search Path refresh when loading a new scene.
  • Fixed EDU node-locked license validation.
  • Updated visibility for Thea Render Rhino Display Settings
  • Updated Material editor
  • Updated history panel position when darkroom is maximized.
  • Fix for infinite plane missing in CPU engine rendering.
  • Fix for shadow catcher being dark on areas not lighten by spot lights (Presto)
  • Crash fix for Presto in the presence of scenes with glasses and very high tracing depth
  • Fix for OptiX IR denoising with supersampling > None



  • Adaptive Tracing
  • Relight Editor
  • Support for Intel® Open Image Denoiser
  • Interactive Denoising
  • Out-of-core Rendering
  • Render History
  • Resume Render


  • Unified Content Browser
  • Enhanced Region Render
  • Optimized and GPU-Accelerated Glare
  • Grasshopper® Interactive Updates
  • Console and Network log
  • Lock Camera Viewport
  • Assign Material by Parent for Blocks