Release Notes



  • Fix for Rhino 8 not rendering some object types



  • Educational license based on activation key added


  • Fix for custom render meshes in Rhino 8 (displacement / edge softening etc.)


  • New version of end user license agreement



  • User interface issues in Rhino 8



  • Rhino 8 support


  • Substance3D materials: Added basic support for transparent materials with Refraction output



  • Fix for not rendering named views when not open in Rhino viewport
  • Fix for batch rendering ignoring the denoiser at the end option in preferences



  • Fix for model texture projection getting broken in the presence of large amount of non-instanced models (Presto)
  • Fix for failing saving EXR images with all channels, when any denoising channel is enabled
  • Fix for batch rendering/animation ignoring camera settings


  • Substantially improved synchronization speed in the presence of non-instanced models with custom projection information



  • Support for Rhino's animation tools
  • Apply denoiser only at the end of rendering option in Thea preferences
  • 'Point light intersection' option in render settings


  • Rendering in Rhino's render window now uses RGBA channel
  • Changed the global coordinate modifier tool's enable checkbox to an apply button that applies the modifiers to the material


  • Fix for batch rendering not applying Thea camera settings. The named view needs to be open in a Rhino viewport or the settings of the active viewport will be used instead
  • Fix for rendering materials with high number of bitmaps in Presto
  • Fix for crash on missing displacement textures


  • Fix for wrong group names in relight editor
  • Fix for not respecting the aspect ration when resizing the darkroom while interactive rendering
  • Fix for failing to save preview of substance material in the material editor
  • Fix for render region showing on top of other renders when changed from the history panel
  • Fix for de-noising options getting ignored when saving the scene
  • Fix for render region ui not going away when removed with single click
  • Fix for showing deleted assets in TheaContentBrowser
  • Fix for typo in one of the ui icon files
  • Fix for Content Browser not loading items from the online repository
  • Reworked the scene updates for the interactive rendering (should be a lot more stable)
  • Reworked the Substance 3D material integration
  • Added drag n drop support for Substance 3D materials
  • Updated installer/uninstaller. Option for uninstalling the Thea Render for Rhino plugin now available
  • Added an option to reduce viewport resolution in Thea preferences window
  • Removed time zone restriction from licensing


Fixes / Changes

  • Fix for Relight for wrong relight groups in presto
  • Fix for FBX import scale
  • Fix for unused emitter materials appearing on relight
  • Fix for a rare crash when Rhino was shutting down
  • Fix for possible wrong spotlight orientation when using IES files.
  • Updated Resource Manager to include IES resources used in the scene.
  • Update scene archiving to include IES files.
  • Added better handling for geometry updates for Interactive Render


New features

  • UV Randomizer
  • Bitmap Randomizer
  • Random Glints
  • Substance 3D Materials support
  • Global Coordinates
  • Added IES support for spot lights
  • Support for Rhino Nature

Fixes / Changes

  • Intel Open Image Denoiser updated to v1.4.1
  • New Material Editor layout including Texture Editor
  • Moved material presets to the material editor
  • Fixes for bugs related to batch rendering
  • Fixes for Relight


  • Fixed region render not cleared correctly during IR
  • Fixed tonemapping when region removed from image in Darkroom
  • Fixed FULL MODEL disabled parameters in Model Browser
  • Added check for duplicate files when exporting scene archive.
  • Fixed Rhino PBR material not switching to Thea material and keeping proper conversion properties.
  • Improved material renaming. Material names are updated also when the name text field loses focus.


  • New denoising channels for enhanced denoising.
  • Update to Intel Open Image Denoiser 1.3.0.
  • Added weight for LUTs.
  • Added a new False Color LUT.
  • Extended locked camera in darkroom. Now it locks to the active camera at all times.
  • Added warning message dialog when trying to render in the viewport and darkroom concurrently
  • Darkroom now remembers last image file type saved and overrides the file type selection when saving a render image
  • Added automatic material refresh in the content browser when saving a material from the material editor
  • Added File Saved notification
  • Fixed a freeze when enabling/disabling a denoiser during render.
  • Fixed wrong icon size loaded for the "Pause" render button in Darkroom.
  • Fixed EXR dialog not accepting "Return" key to confirm channel selection and ESC to cancel.
  • Fixed resizing of history panel in darkroom
  • Fixed Rhino light groups failing to convert to proper Relight Groups


  • Updated path read for Thea data. Both My Documents and ProgramData are taken into account.
  • Fixed Rhino Search Path as texture repositories.
  • Fixed a crash when trying resuming a render in Darkroom.
  • Added warning when resuming render and the film's sample per pixel is higher than the given sample limit.
  • Added manual sun color override.
  • Added Search Path refresh when loading a new scene.
  • Fixed EDU node-locked license validation.
  • Updated visibility for Thea Render Rhino Display Settings
  • Updated Material editor
  • Updated history panel position when darkroom is maximized.
  • Fix for infinite plane missing in CPU engine rendering.
  • Fix for shadow catcher being dark on areas not lighten by spot lights (Presto)
  • Crash fix for Presto in the presence of scenes with glasses and very high tracing depth
  • Fix for OptiX IR denoising with supersampling > None



  • Adaptive Tracing
  • Relight Editor
  • Support for Intel® Open Image Denoiser
  • Interactive Denoising
  • Out-of-core Rendering
  • Render History
  • Resume Render


  • Unified Content Browser
  • Enhanced Region Render
  • Optimized and GPU-Accelerated Glare
  • Grasshopper® Interactive Updates
  • Console and Network log
  • Lock Camera Viewport
  • Assign Material by Parent for Blocks