The animation tab supports the following animation types that can be produced by Rhino such as:

  • One-day Sun Study
  • Fly-through
  • Path Animation
  • Turntable

Animation Tab Options

  • Name: The name will be used when saving the animation frames to images along with the suffix (e.g. animation_001.png)
  • Type: The type of the Rhino animation will be displayed here. Use Rhino's "Animation Setup" toolbar to create one of the four animation types
  • Render Frames: Select whether you want to render the entire animation or a specific range
  • Start / End: These two values correspond to the total number of frames of the animation
  • Refresh: Click the refresh button to update the animation settings in case they were change in Rhino
  • Image Type: Select the image file format that you would like to export the animation frames
  • Path: Set the path where the rendered frames will be exported to

Animation Tab