Lease License

After installing the plug‐in, open the License form window from the main menu: Thea Render > License > License Form

  1. Enter the Username and Password that you used to sign‐in to Altair One.
  2. Click on the "Activate" button to activate Thea for Rhino.

The license returns to the server each time you close Rhino and it can be used on any other machine.

  • Offline Mode: This mode borrows the license from the licensing server to the specific machine. The plug‐in will remain activated on the machine without the need of an internet connection. Maximum borrowing time is 14 days. This option needs to be unchecked if you plan to use the license on a different machine.
  • Use Proxy Internet Connection: In case your machine is behind a proxy server, you need to enter the IP Address and Port of the Proxy Server. Username and Password should also be filled if needed.

All actions within the License window need an internet connection. When Offline mode is not active, the plugin checks periodically the license and if it cannot reach the server for up to 30 minutes, then watermarks will be introduced in the next rendering session.

License Setup Window

Educational Licenses

Educational 1 year licenses are free from the Altair University.

1. Create your Altair One account

  • Create an Altair One account
  • Register using the email assigned to you by your educational institution (e.g.,
  • Select either 'Students' or 'Faculty'

2. Apply for a student license

  • Login to Altair One and go to the Marketplace
  • Click on the 'Student Edition License' card
  • Click on 'Get License'

Your unique license activation key will appear.

3. Activating with the activation key

  • Open the License Setup window from the main menu: Thea Render > License Setup
  • Switch to the Educational tab
  • Paste the license key and click on Activate

Educational tab
Click on the "Register" button to navigate to the registration page of the Altair University

Educational Licenses (Legacy)
If you have an legacy node-locked license, select the "License File (.dat)" option and browse for the license file in .dat format that was provided to you.

Demo Limitations

If you don't activate your license, you will remain in Demo mode with certain limitations. Please note that when the plug‐in is not licensed:

  • The rendered image resolution will be limited (1920x1080) and
  • Watermarks will be added

All other features and functionalities are fully supported.