Thea Darkroom

The darkroom is the main window used to render the scene and provides a lot of useful functionality which will be presented in the following sections. The main sections of the Darkroom are: top panel, Render panel, the display settings tab, the channels tab and the Render Queue tab.
Panel 1: The toolbar allows the user to perform several tasks like starting/stopping a render, define render settings and edit the camera and materials in the scene.
Panel 2: This is the panel that render images are displayed. This panel is updated automattically during rendering or when the display settings are adjusted.
Panel 3: The settings panel has three tabs (Display, Channels and Render Queue) that can be seen in detail in section 5.
Panel 4: At the bottom of the Darkroom window you will find several information that have to do with the rendering process like samples per pixel.

Zooming & Panning

Zooming: Use the middle mouse button to zoom in and out.
Panning: Hold the Left Mouse Button to pan.
Zoom to 100%: Double click with the Left mouse button to bring zooming back to 100%.
Fit to window: When the image is larger than the viewing area you toggle between 100% and Fit to Window by double clicking with the Left Mouse button