Release Notes


  • Updates and fixes regarding licensing.
  • Fix for thin film material respecting now sampling flags in Presto.
  • Consistent rendering of Presto (vs CPU engines) in the case of missing bitmaps. Various fixes making rendering consistent, as in the case of weighted+combined textures with missing bitmaps and layer weight textures with missing bitmaps.
  • Crash fix upon loading model file, where surface proxy is empty.
  • Fixed loading external model files with surface proxies.


  • Fixed viewport rendering resolution not updating when the viewport is resized.
  • Fixed wrong render channel export when saving png+alpha.
  • Fixed environment lighting not updating fully when rotating an environment map during interactive render.
  • Improved performance on Rhino object visibility during interactive render and when running ShowSelected command.
  • Fixed invalid devices appearing in devices section on render settings.
  • Fixed invalid presto devices causing a crash in darkroom during interactive render.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a layout.
  • Fixed transparency texture used for Rhino basic material.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when converting a Rhino object to a render mesh.
  • Fixed LUT colors applied.
  • Fixed LUT memory leak.
  • Fixed memory leak for Presto CPU.
  • Fixed vignetting weight when optix is enabled.
  • Fixed parsing IES files when there is a new line in the beginning of data values.
  • Added support for Nlm OpenCL denoiser for more amd cards(support for gfx1010, gfx1011 and gfx1012).
  • Added support for presto Opencl for gfx1010, gfx1011, gfx1012.
  • Improved IOR complex extinction coefficient absorption for presto.
  • Fix for optix denoiser "out of memory (ds allocation)" error.
  • Fixed bug when coating weight is 0% in Presto.
  • Fixed Presto rendering with materials of coating plus single substrate of 0% layer weight.