Content Browser

Thea for Rhino comes with ready to use materials in categories. To open Content Browser click on the folder icon on the Thea Toolbar. The left side of the window is divided into three main categories: Materials, Online Repository and Custom Folders.


This section list all the materials in categories that are locally saved on your machine.

Online Repository

The Online Repository gives you access to thousands of Thea materials from Thea Render's online database.

Custom Folders

It is also possible to define custom folders with Thea Materials on your hard drive. Right click on the Custom Folder title and select 'Add'. This will prompt you to select the folder in which you have your Thea Materials collection. To remove a custom folder, right click on its name and select Delete.

Adding Materials in the Materials panel

There are two ways to add a material in the material panel.

  1. Double clicking on a thumbnail will load the selected material in the material panel.
  2. Select the material and then click on the Add button.