Material Editor

You can access the advanced material editor by clicking on the Edit button that can be found on any Thea Material. This will open a new floating window.

Advanced Material Overview

(1) Material Preview: Double‐click to enlarge preview. Right‐click to load/save .mat.pack, .mat.thea files, and select preview room.
(2) Material Name: The name will also change in Rhino's materials panel.
(3) Global Modifiers: These modifiers affect the material as a whole. Emittance, Clipping, Displacement, Medium.
(4) Layer Manager: Layers can be created, removed, change position, assign a layer weight map and more.
(5) Layer Properties: Properties of the selected layer will be displayed here.
(6) Channel Properties: Properties of assigned colors, procedurals and bitmaps will be displayed here.
(7) Content Browser Access: Expands the panel to the left displaying the Content Browser allowing the user to directly apply materials to the current one.