Camera Tab


Resolution: Clicking on the 'Sync Rhino Viewport' button to make the resolution exactly the same as the active viewport window.
Width: Defines the width of the resolution in Production Mode.
Height: Defines the height of the resolution in Production Mode.
Local Aspect Raτιo: Enabling this option will lock the Aspect Ratio of the final resolution.
Focal Length: Changes the distance from the lens to the film.


Projection: Defines the camera projection (Perspective, Spherical, etc)
Shutter Speed: Corresponds to the duration a camera shutter stays open. It can be measured in inverse timme units (1/sec) correspondingly to grabbed frames per second.
Shift X: This option helps us change the horizontal direction of the current view.
Shift Y: This option changes the vertical direction of the current view.
Diaphragm: Defines the shape of the aperture. (Circular or polygonal)
Blades: When diaphragm is set to polygonal, one can also define the number of blades.


Pinhole: by enabling the Pinhole option, the f‐number of the camera is set to pinhole (theoretically equals to zero and creates no Depth of Field at all).
f‐number: Defines the f‐number of the camera.
Focus Distance: Focus distance can be entered here or be visually defined in Thea Darkroom while in Interactive Rendering mode.
Depth of Field: When enabled, it will ignore the f‐number set above and use the percentage value below.
Value (%): Lower values create a shallower depth of field.
Auto Focus: makes the camera focus at the center of the scene once enabled.


Clip Near: Select whether you want to clip the scene using the near distance value.
Near Distance: Defines the near distance from the camera.
Clip Far: Select whether you want to clip the scene using the far distance value.
Far Distance: Defines the far distance from the camer.


Distance: Defines the distance between the eyes in meters.
Projection: Defines the projection (Left/Right, Top/Bottom, Anaglyph, etc)


Assign Container: A different material can be selected as a container instead of Global Medium for the camera.