Running the Benchmark

The Benchmark tool, as it can be seen in the image below, analyzes the performance of your system by rendering four benchmark scenes (Caustics, Instancing, Meccano and SSS) for a period of two minutes per scene.

Click on the Start button to begin the benchmarking process. As you can also see in the following image, a progress bar displays the overall progress. Once a scene has finished rendering, you can click on its thumbnail to preview the image.

After the process is complete, the final "Benchmark Score" will be displayed. Click on the "Analytical Benchmark Results" to open a detailed view of the results in your default text editor.
As a final step, you can click on the "Submit Your Results" and add your benchmark score to the online database.

Sidebar explanation

  • Start: Starts the benchmarking process, rendering one scene after the other.
  • Stop: Terminates the running process.
  • Devices: Opens up the devices window and allows the user to customize the results by combining the available devices together. (Image 4)
  • Preferences: Displays a window with the option to select the folder where the results will be saved. (image 5)
  • Submit your results: This button will be enabled after the benchmarking process has finished.
  • View Web Results: Opens the online database.