Getting Started

Installing Thea For Cinema 4D will give you access to a variety of tools that will allow you to connect your scenes with Thea Render. The integration consists of a Thea Render menu, Thea Tags, Render Settings, Thea Shaders, Thea Materials and Material Preset Menu.

Before start rendering, go to Render Settings > Thea Render > Devices and set the priority of your devices to Lowest (This is needed only the first time you launch Cinema 4D after installing the plugin).

To render your first scene, add a cube, go to main menu Thea Render > Darkroom and click Render . Of course, you can create any complex scene, add materials, configure the environment settings and utilize Thea Render's full capabilities to generate high-quality photorealistic images!

Transitioning from Thea Render v1.5 into v2.0 is done automatically by simply loading the scene into the new version. Nevertheless, since some data have been removed or changed, while new ones have been added, some tweaking might be necessary by users.