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OpenCL Port for Thea Presto (wip)

OpenCL Port for Thea Presto :: AMD Opteron CPU running 
under Presto OpenCL driver along with 2 NVidia GTX670 GPUs under Presto 
CUDA driver.

OpenCL Port for Thea Presto :: Intel Xeon running under Presto CPU driver, NVidia Titan under Presto CUDA driver and AMD FirePro under Presto OpenCL driver. OpenCL Port for Thea Presto :: Intel Xeon running under 
Presto CPU driver, NVidia Titan under Presto CUDA driver and Intel Xeon 
Phi under Presto OpenCL driver.

OpenCL has a strange beauty that made us keep visiting this topic again and again. And finally, after making a big dive, we managed to port Presto on OpenCL.

At this point though, we cannot give a date as to when this port will be publicly available. But we want to inform our users that we are aware of the need and we are always pushing the hardware to the limits.

The available screenshots show three distinct examples of our work-in-progress technology, i.e. Thea Presto OpenCL driver, along with the already established technology. These examples, are all shown during interactive rendering (which is somewhat more challenging) running in parallel with the other Presto CPU and/or CUDA drivers.

With the introduction of support of OpenCL in Thea Presto we will have the most robust platform supporting all ranges of NVIDIA, AMD and Intel hardware (including Xeon Phi).

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Thea for SketchUp: Interactive Render Overlay

Thea for SketchUp: Interactive Render Overlay

We are happy to announce that at the upcoming version you will be able to run interactive render directly inside SketchUp view, a feature that we call Interactive Render Overlay.

Additionally, with the use of Interactive Region Rendering you can select a desired part of SketchUp view and see it being rendered providing ultra fast feedback for complex scenery. The addition of handling geometry, lights and object interactive updates combined with the latest performance improvements opens a completely new experience for SketchUp users.

Have a look please at the short video showing all those new features in action.

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Presto Speed and Interactive Improvements

During the last weeks, we were working very hard (and silently) to improve speed of Presto even further. For us, Presto is all about taking advantage of the raw power of all computer resources and as such, we don't want to waste even one processor cycle.

Several small improvements have been made that add up giving considerable overall speed gain. We believe that when it comes to true global illumination, for a great number of scenes, nothing can be faster than Thea Presto and we are happy to present how much the engine has progressed over the last months through a speed comparison.

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Support for 3Dconnexion Mice

Support for 3Dconnexion mice :: Navigate inside Thea with 3Dconnexion mice

Solid Iris Technologies is proud to announce that Thea Render release 1.3.5 supports connectivity with 3Dconnexion mice.

The 3Dconnexion compatibility has been implemented in the latest Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX builds and both SpaceNavigator and SpaceMouse Pro models have been tested. Compatibility should be universal for all 3Dconnexion product series.

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Presto CPU up to 50% Faster for Many-Core CPUs

Presto CPU :: up to 50% faster for Many-Core CPUs

As a result of our continual efforts to optimize our Presto engine which combines both GPU and CPU rendering acceleration, we are very excited to announce that a tremendous speed-up for many-core CPUs has been achieved.

This performance improvement is only for Presto CPU part and depends on the complexity of the scene. For lighter scenes Presto CPU is now faster by a factor of 15-50% for CPUs with 12+ cores. Especially if you have AMD Opteron (16+ cores), the speed up is even greater than 50%.

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Presto GPU+CPU

Presto GPU+CPU :: Caustics Benchmark

One of the most important Thea Render tech achievements is the unification of GPU and CPU running under the same (render) framework. Thea Presto is now using every GPU (Nvidia CUDA architecture) and CPU (Intel's Embree library) core, resulting in very fast rendering. And this fast rendering is coupled with Thea's material/light system. All in all, pure quality in the shortest render times!

Actually, to our knowledge, Thea Presto is a unique engine that makes it possible to compare GPUs and CPUs under the same render framework with performance maxed out for both architectures, in a systematic way.

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Camera Z Clipping

Camera Z Clipping

A feature that was asked for a long time now, will be implemented in the upcoming edition v1.3. This is the camera Z Clipping; near and far planes that cut the space giving us the possibility to "look inside" the models. The feature will be available for all render engines.

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