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This plugin connects Blender Foundation's modeler with Thea Render as external rendering application. Please select the plugin version corresponding to your Blender installed version by clicking on the appropriate link below (note that the archive is the same for all operating systems). The user manual is included with the installers. By downloading and installing the software, you agree to the license agreement. Developed by Grzegorz Rakoczy.

Windows / MacOSX / Linux

Plugin v1.3.1010 for Blender v2.71 and above
Plugin v1.3.0331 for Blender v2.69 and above
Plugin v1.3.0121 for Blender v2.69 and above
Plugin v1.3.0120 for Blender v2.68 and above
Plugin v1.2.006 for Blender v2.67 and above

Plugin v0.80 Archive for Blender 2.62 Beta

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Plugin v0.38 Archive for Blender 2.53 Beta

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Plugin v0.2 Archive for Blender 2.49b

Mirror 1

Mirror 2
Requirements: Blender v2.49b and above

For older plugin versions (0.80, 0.38 and 0.2) if Thea is licensed but not the exporter, plugin will run in demo mode. In this mode, script will count down starting from 7s and adding 3s after each export. To reset counter you have to restart Blender.

Please note that plugin version for Blender 2.49 has limited features compared to version for Blender 2.5 version, which is more advanced.

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