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Thea Render v1.3 Technology Preview

Thea Render v1.3 Technology Preview

Something big is on the way and that is our next edition v1.3 (Presto Square or Presto2 for short). We have prepared a teaser trailer as a technology preview for the new edition. New physical sky, sub surface scattering, camera z-clipping and enhancements for Presto engine that simply cannot go unnoticeable.

We simply cannot express how much excited and proud we feel and we believe that you can understand why, just by watching the preview trailer.

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Training Center for Thea Render

A new training center for Thea Render has been recently opened (in Pescara, Italy) for offering courses, seminars and workshop events.

MoodLab - Digital Imaging Academy - is a professional training center for 3D and 2D applications, which is covering several thematic areas including ArchiViz with Thea Render, modeling with Rhinoceros and 3dsMax, graphics and digital photography with Adobe suite.

For courses of Thea Render and Rhinoceros a certificate of completion and attendance is issued by two authorized instructors.

Find out more for MoodLab here.

HDR Light Studio supports Thea Render in 3dsMax

Lightmap announces a new update to the HDR Light Studio Live plugin for 3dsMax.

The 3dsMax Live plugin now supports 3dsMax / 3dsMax Design versions 2013 and 2014 with Thea  Render, providing interactive feedback using the ActiveShade rendered view, where you see the effect of your HDRI map lighting your final shot. Make a change in HDR Light Studio and see the result in your Thea ActiveShade view in an instant.
It’s a great new way to quickly light your shots.

Find out more about HDR Light Studio software and it’s features here.


Thea Presto - GPU Rendering is On!

Thea Presto - Rolex watch with fine details sitting on a bumped surface.

Thea Presto is a new engine for Thea Render, written from scratch, that uses the same characteristics and material/lighting system such as Thea itself. It is running entirely on the GPU and it is based on Nvidia CUDA.

One thing that is impressive about Thea Presto is its interactiveness that makes it fun to work with. It is ideal for rendering quick stills and animations, particularly for product design and exteriors.

With multiple GPU support and network rendering, we can render now complete sequences within a limited time frame. Thea Presto completes the list of supported engines of the most versatile renderer.

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Field Mapping - A New Approach for Adaptive BSD

Field Mapping - A New Approach for Adaptive BSD

Field Mapping is a new proprietary technique that evaluates consistently the lighting than was not easy to address before. Combined with an improved, adaptive, Final Gathering, the whole evaluation becomes robust even for the most difficult cases.

With the upcoming Adaptive BSD engine, we have the luxury now to create presets that work in almost all cases. This way, the time to tune the biased engine is minimized and new users can get nice results right from the beginning.

In addition, with a new implementation for walkthrough animations, the Adaptive BSD will consider all the frames at once and flickering is removed. Here is a sample animation.

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